Welcome to Horizon Estates India

Horizon Estates India is one of most trusted real estate organization in India. The company provides their clients with a format for planning strategically, and to budget and then to execute the full spectrum of the real estate project. The value added approach of the company guides the customers through different steps of the process starting from the day the customer contacts the company to the day the customer opens the doors to their new facility. Horizon Estates India has a strong base of the dynamic and dedicated team comprising of experienced professionals and the supporting staff. The company offers consultative services platform that is set apart from the traditional brokerage firms. The company has a solution driven approach and the company puts the success of the client before its own success. Horizon Estates India prides itself on creating a long-term relationship with the clients, and in becoming the in-house real estate department for many clients.

Overview of Horizon Estates India:

Horizon Estates India aims to create and to deliver great value for the customers, the stakeholders and their own employees in a complex world, which is changing constantly. The company’s impact on the real estate market of India is largely because of its ambition to be one of most consumer eccentric real estate companies in India. The aim of the company is to project itself as a professional, modern, innovative, multi-faceted company, looking to provide honest service to the clients.
The professional team of the company continuously works to deliver great results to the clients on a consistent basis.
As the conditions of the market and the expectations of the clients are changing every day, Horizon Estates India assembles teams comprising of experts who deliver the integrated services that are built on the insights and foresight of market, solid research and proper knowledge of the market. The company attracts, develops and rewards the best and the most diverse people in the industry. The company polishes them and challenges them to develop long-lasting client relationships that are built on trust, collaboration and quality service.
It is believed by synergy that success of an organization is largely dependent on its ability to stand out in the marketplace.

The Services offered by Horizon Estates India:

At the Horizon Estates India, the services are provided according to the requirements of the clients. The company is providing all types of real estate services to the clients, including management of complete transactions.
Presently the company offers the following services for the commercial and the residential properties:
• Buy
• Sell
• New bookings
• Resale
• Rent/Lease
• Underwriting
• Property Loan
• Investment Advisory
• Project Marketing
• Property Management

The company is also setting up new division in order to offer these services:

1. Transaction Services

It includes all kinds of transactions related to the property like the selection of site, sourcing of the tenants, sourcing of the property, marketing of the property, structuring the transaction, documentation, and negotiation.

2. Project Construction and Management Services

It includes identifying the developmental opportunities, commercial valuations, building consultancy, planning, development and project management services (for both the institutional owners as well as the corporate clients).